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Physiology of posture


Good posture is characterised by a state of balance that does not require extreme muscular effort to maintain. This is because the physical forces in our bodies naturally work to create this situation. Our muscles only have to work minimally. When our posture is healthy and stable, so is our torso. This allows our limbs to move freely and easily. Our movements are then seen and felt as complete and harmonious. When we feel good about our movement and posture, we put only as much stress on our joints as necessary. No extreme pulling, pushing, shearing due to overloading or compensation, which can cause chronic discomfort.

Postural disorders

If this state of balance is disturbed for any reason, it is called a postural disorder. These abnormalities can be actively corrected, but their prolonged persistence can promote the development of musculoskeletal disease. To ensure that the correction is permanent and works like an automatism, active movement treatments are preferred.


Supportive treatments for this:


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