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Sport, regeneration


After sports, we often look back with a sense of well-being at the strenuous exercises, the minutes, and the performance achieved. We are happy that we have contributed to our strength and fitness. Responsible exercise does not end when the stopwatch stops. In addition to training, recovery is an essential part of training. The goal is to create the conditions for the body to return to normal the physiological changes caused by training.


Physiological effects of thermal bathing


Bathing in thermal water can support the regeneration processes of the body, as this natural treasure has a high mineral content and contains various organic compounds. The water now acts as a relaxing medium for the muscles and reduces the vertical stress on the body. The hydrostatic pressure of the water supports the work of the veins so that the circulating blood can return to the heart from the most distant parts of the body. When sitting in water with the chest submerged under water, the pressure exerted by the water deepens breathing, and the respiratory system also functions as a secretory organ system. To promote blood circulation, alternating between warm and cold applications is very suitable.


Our recommended treatments for regeneration:


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